So You Want To Help
History Is A Weapon?


Well, first of all, thanks.

Now let’s get down to brass tacks. Some questions for you to answer:

  1. Are you stoned or impulsively offering to help, but really we’re never going to hear from you again? If the answer to this might be YES, just link to us, tell everyone about the site, spray paint WWW.HISTORYISAWEAPON.COM on corporations, billboards, and on highly visible overpasses (send us pics for our fridge please), maybe go design a sticker or poster or something that says History Is A Weapon really loudly all over it (we love that), but don’t lead us on. We appreciate the sentiment, but it just gets our hopes up and then when you forget about us when you sober up (or think “why am I offering to write up radical history texts for an anonymous radical history website again?”), we cry ourselves to sleep at night. Tears.
  2. Who are you and what are you interested in? We’re just curious about who you are. Not just because we're really nosey and we love gossip, but because we have ambitious ideas and need help executing them. If you can code and style website stuff, we will be very excited.

If you’re rich, send us $$$money$$$. (honestly, the only time someone offered to do that, we chickened out.)


We're not snobs, we're just busy. We get a few emails every year from people who want to help and it almost never works out. Why? We are SUPER BUSY with our COOL DAY JOBS that TAKE UP A LOT OF TIME and we're hard to work with for that reason. This is not a joke. We're re-writing our HELP page though, because we actually want to improve on this and get some help with stuff, especially our Latin America map that is taking forever to get done.

If you want to make cool things, you need to be prepared to be patient, smart, and awesome. If you're awesome and help us, we'll mail you cool presents. You flake? No presents.

If you haven't seen the Latin America map, we can show it to you. If you know how to code website cool things and want to help us build the cool things that everyone will like, send us an email and we'll talk to you about the various things we can make together. Just email thedirectorate care of this site and we'll respond.

We love to hear from you, but don't try to extract who we are. We are just nobodies who want to overthrow the empire. Not a joke, that's like 90% of the reason we get up every day: destroying the entire empire and tacos.