History Is A Weapon's Links

Democracy Now!
The daily TV and Radio show of record for everyone we love.

Just Seeds
The best political arts cooperative in the country focusing on print and design. Regularly Inspiring.

Freedom Archives
10,000 hours of audio and video tapes as well as extensive documents from Freedom Struggles worldwide.

Fresh, wide-reaching, and diverse commentary. Read an article a day to become the smartest person you know. Easily, one of the best sites on the entire internet, bar none.

Earth First!
If you care about the earth, join or form a new local. Why wait?

The Electronic Intifada
News, commentary, analysis, and reference materials about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict from a Palestinian perspective.

Imagine your cool older sister wanted you to understand everything Marxist and that she had OCD. Well, she made you this webpage.

Campus Activism . org
Dense and interactive tool for young activists.

Iraq Veterans Against the War
IVAW is a pretty daring and smart veteran group. If you're a recent vet (or active duty) and against the war, you need to check them out. Not a vet? Give them support.

A good activist hub of news, opinions, projects, community, and useful links.

Independent Media Center
On hiatus? This was the standard: Progressive and Radical coverage of current events. Expansive, extensive, and global.

History Is A Weapon wishes for these links to be seen as our votes in the popularity contest that is the internet; In addition, our intention is to provide a diverse and concise starting point for you to begin your quest for whatever information you are looking for. As most of these sites have vast links sections of their own, so do the sites they link to, and so on, and so forth—starting from these links, you can delve further into whatever area interests you. Honestly, we update this list like once every five years.
Note: Blogs are linked off our blog.

James Loewen
Author of "Lies My Teacher Told Me"

Third World Traveler
So many good excerpts of books and articles, so poorly designed.

Howard Zinn.org
The People's Historian's personal webpage. Interviews, Essays, and info on new releases and performances.

Covert Action Magazine
The re-launched source on U.S. covert action

Prison Sucks
Terrible name; great resource on prison issues.

AK Press
Large distributor and publisher of all types of radical media.

PM Press
A radical publisher, always with new interesting titles, from some of the same people who started AK Press

Documentary Is Never Neutral
History Is A Weapon's unloved sister project.

Linda Martín Alcoff
One of our favorite philosophers, writers, and teachers. Read up.

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