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We're always looking for more readings for History Is A Weapon. We are putting together several new features for the website that are going to be, all humility in check, awesome. We're going to try and keep this page up to date with readings we would love to get copies of, preferably as high quality scans or simple text. If you come across any of these in your travels, or have some time and a library on your hands, we'd love some help.
Please note that links to Google Books for readings is not helpful as we may need to manipulate the text (form, not content) to format it for the project. So if you type it up from Google Books, fine, but don't just send us a link to that.

Here is the list. Preferred format is in parentheses.

  1. Destabilization in Jamaica by Philip Agee, 1980 (Text)
  2. The CIA in Post Bishop Grenada by Philip Agee, 1983 (Text)
  3. "Brazil's Limited Redemocratization" by Jan Knippers Black, February 1992, Current History (Text)
  4. "Chile: Made in U.S.A.," a speech by Hortensia Bussa de Allende, Yale, April 5, 1975 (Text)
  5. US Covert Actions in Chile 1971-1973 by Nathaniel Davis, 2-parts, Foreign Service Journal (Text)
  6. A Decade of Abuse: Human Rights in El Salvador, January, 1990, Marin Interfaith Task Force on Central America, 1990 (Scan)
  7. "Oh What a Lovely War" Featured in Mother Jones, June 1984 (Text or scan)
  8. 'Noriega and the US Addiction to National Security' by Robert Matthews? (Text)
  9. Phoenix A German film by Heynowski, Scheumann and Peter Hellmich (cover says studio H and S, it's the transcript for the film in multiple languages, we're interested in the English version, Scan of entire book or English text)
  10. CIA and CWA by Cynthia Sweeney member local 11500, June 1975 (Text)
  11. All three volumes of Eduardo Galeano's Memory of Fire (English Text)
  12. It's No Secret: Israel's Military Involvement in Central America (Aaug Monograph Series)
  13. The Movement: Documentary of a Struggle for Equality by Lorraine Hansberry
  14. "The Profits of Genocide: Indonesia's brutal occupation of East Timor" by Jeffrey Udin

Got what we need? Send us an email to "the directorate at symbol history is a weapon dot com" and put "HIAW WISHLIST" in your subject line.

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