Questions we get asked (or "questions we wish you'd all ask us")
How can I contact History Is A Weapon?
All questions, concerns, requests for speaking engagements, and corrections should be sent to thedirectorate AT historyisaweapon.com . Please refrain from including ANY attachments because we will simply delete them. Also, we rarely download items (e.g., from a third party site) from people we don't know. Do not be surprised if we refrain from responding over email; often, we will respond to certain communications on our update blog. Lastly, please include "HIAW" as the beginning of your subject line (yes, in CAPITAL LETTERS) every time you write to us.
Also, like many of you, we are doing a lot of work and are very busy: sometimes we respond immediately, sometimes it takes us a little while.

Great site! How can I help?
Well, first, if you really like History Is A Weapon, we'd appreciate you spreading the word by hosting a link for us on your website or blog. Just copy the text below onto your webpage and you'll get this:
History Is A Weapon

We also love it when people send us any typos they've fouund. Just email us with the paragraph it's in, the address, and some hint as to what the typos is.
If you're feeling more ambitious, we're always looking for help typing and scanning new items, suggestions and advice, and people who can help us design better. In fact, we made a NEW Wishlist page to alert people to texts we want. Or we can always accept cold hard cash.

I want to recommend something to be added to the library (or links page). What do I do?
If you have a text or microsoft word document, send it to us as the body of an email (if it is a particularly large work, feel free to reach out to us first about alternative delivery options). Likewise, e-mail us the link. Please do not request us to type stuff up and post it. You can do it just as easily and we're working to get what we can done. Of course, we reserve the right to giggle that you suggest we post 9/11 conspiracy articles. If you are planning to write and complain that we don't feature enough on Subject X, please re-read this paragraph.

Where do we send you gifts?
E-mail us and we'll arrange something.

Is this Howard Zinn's offical site?
Nope. We love Zinn, but we were never his official site. He has a few that promote his work and legacy such as www.howardzinn.org and zinnedproject.org.

Who is History Is A Weapon?
History Is A Weapon is the best website on the internet, well-designed, jam-packed with exciting and interesting readings. You don't think if we managed to do all that, we couldn't find a way to include a few bios about the people who put this together? This is an anonymous project. If you choose to contribute, we thank you, but you get no public credit. History Is A Weapon is something you should tell everyone about; we are unimportant—don't waste your time asking us who we are.

What are the various images that randomly show up on the central index?
John Brown was a white anti-slavery activist who led an unsuccessful raid on an Armory at Harper's Ferry in a plan to arm runaway slaves to engage in a guerilla warfare strategy. The man speaking to crowd next to the car is Walter Rodney. The billboard of Martin Luther king Jr. "at communist training school" shows him at the Highlander Center, an important activist strategy school, in the fifties. This billboard was put up by the white supremacist terrorist organization the Klu Klux Klan to discredit King, but Bernadine Dohrn has a funny anecdote about it:
"Miles Horton founded the Highlander Center in 1932, in its time a center for adult organizing and education throughout the South, and indeed throughout the country. He often told a simple little story. In the mid-sixties, the Klan put up a series of billboards across the South with a famous picture of Martin Luther King at Highlander. It showed several people from the Communist Party, as well as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, sitting in the front row of a lecture. It had a circle around Dr. King's head and the caption "Martin Luther King at communist training school."

Miles described going with a carload of young teenagers to a civil rights demonstration in the South, and as they passed one billboard nobody in the car said anything. As they passed a second one somebody in the back said, "Hmmm." And when they passed a third one, a kid in the back seat said, "You know, that's the dumbest poster I've ever seen, because they don't tell you who to call." The powers that be think they're giving one message, but it's actually being received in other ways."
Various other pictures include: Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Russian women soldiers, and a graph of U.S. Incarceration rates from 1925 to 2001.

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Bill Hicks has a great bit on Advertising and Marketing. Go look that up and consider it our response

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