Download vile and wicked posters to your heart's content. Please do not wheatpaste these anywhere despite the fact they are the perfect size for a photocopier. They are PDFs and have the History Is A Weapon web address at the bottom of them. Note that the B & W Vietnam Iraq poster looks slightly different than the thumbnail.

We need to make shirts.

While this could easily be printed as a two sided card* and placed in
Kissinger's various books, in bookstores and libraries, we ask that you
respect the law and do not do that. If you do happen to ignore us and
do this, please send pictures.

Color and 11 x 17 so you need access to a color
copier or printer that can do tabloid paper!


Black and White

The Burning Book

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*print one side, flip the paper so that the text aligns behind the Face and vice versa, cut down the middle: you should have a card with Kissinger's face on one side and the text on the other. Our Contact info is on the FAQ page.